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End of the COVID-19 Pandemic Event (Subclass 408) visa

The Minister of Home Affairs released a statement on Thursday 31st August 2023, confirming that the Australian government is closing the Pandemic Event visa to new applications.

The amendment closed the ‘COVID’ stream of this visa subclass to new applications from 2 September 2023. Current holders of the Pandemic Event visa can apply under this stream until 1 February 2024.

The instrument includes the following changes:

  • From 2 September 2023, the Pandemic Event (SC408) visa will only be open to applications from existing Pandemic Event visa holders.

  • The visa will be officially closed to current Pandemic Visa holders on 1 February 2024

  • Anyone with a valid Pandemic Event visa will remain lawful until their current visa expires.

  • All other visa holders will be ineligible for the Pandemic Event visa.

  • From 2 September 2023, new applications will receive a six-month visa.

  • A Visa Application Charge of $405 AUD will be introduced – previously it was nil.

  • Visa applications lodged on or from 2 September 2023 will be considered for up to 6 months stay.

These changes commenced on 2 September 2023.

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