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Canberra Visa & Migration Services provide video and telephone consultations for individuals and businesses looking for high quality and tailored Australian immigration advice, strategy and representation. Our first step is an initial consultation which provides an in-depth and tailored consultation with an expert immigration professional runs for 45 minutes. The initial consultation is not a document checking service and document checklists will not be provided.

Consultation Fees

The cost for the initial consultations will cost $195. Consultation involving complex matters such as health, character, other complex visa history, the initial consultation will cost $250. This will enable us to fully assess your circumstances and provide you with the most appropriate advice, strategy and pathways moving forward. If you subsequent choose us to assist with a visa or immigration matter within 14 calendar days of your consultation we will deduct that consultation fee from the overall charge. Payment of consultation fee is required prior the consultation.

Consultation Meeting

Our Consultation may include the following:

  • We will carry out a detailed review of any documents or information provided prior to the consultation

  • Carry out an eligibility assessment for any temporary or permanent visa pathways

  • Explain visa options in terms you understand and any possible pitfalls or shortcomings to your matter

  • Provide alternative pathways should your chosen pathway not be available

Our consultation policy can be found here


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