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The Closure of the Pandemic Event Visa

The Australian government recently announced that it is closing the Temporary Activity (subclass 408) Australian Government endorsed events (Covid-19 Pandemic event) – otherwise known as the Pandemic Event Visa. From the start of February, the visa will be closed to all applicants including existing Pandemic visa holders.

Pandemic Visa

Pandemic Visa

The Pandemic Visa was introduced in April 2020 to allow temporary migrants, including international students to stay in Australia while COVID-19 restrictions were in place. It allowed recipients to work unlimited hours for 12 months, include eligible family members in their application, and travel to or from Australia multiple times during a stay.

As Minister Giles stated:

“The Pandemic Event visa was an important part of Australia’s visa system during the pandemic. Many people on temporary visas helped Australia during this period. We’re providing an opportunity for people who hold a Pandemic Event visa to explore another visa option, or plan to leave Australia."

Why the Pandemic Event Visa is closing

As Australia’s borders are now open, the Pandemic visa is no longer needed. The visa served its purpose and could not continue indefinitely.

Existing Pandemic visa holders can stay lawfully until their visa expires but will not be able to apply for a subsequent Pandemic Event Visa after 31st January 2024. In addition to closing the Pandemic Event visa, the Australian government has put an end to various pandemic-related measures such as terminating unlimited work hours for international students and work exemptions for Working Holiday visa holders.

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