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Changes to Health Workforce Certificate – International Medical Graduates

The Department of Home Affairs has advised that from 16 September 2023, employers looking to nominate International Medical Graduates in primary care within Australia will no longer be required to submit a Health Workforce Certificate (HWC).

Currently, all nomination applications must be accompanied by a Health Workforce Certificate. A Health Workforce Certificate is required for the following occupations:

· Resident Medical Officer

· General Medical Practitioner

· Medical Practitioner Nec

The introduced change means that the above will no longer be required. This removes an unnecessary barrier to bringing foreign doctors to come and work in Australia. It will simplify the process and make it easier and quicker to bring doctors to Australia.

Applications for a Health Workforce Certificate will continue to be accepted until 5 September, and 13 September 2023 for a Health Workforce Exemption Certificate (HWEC). Any application on hand before these dates will be processed in line with the program guidelines. More information is available from Visas for GPs.

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