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Canberra Matrix

The ACT government selects applicants through the Canberra Matrix.


The Canberra Matrix is an assessment tool which rates applicants based on points based on your contribution to Canberra e.g., employment, English, study, close family ties.


Using the Matrix, the ACT government will rank you based on the number of points you have claimed. People with the highest points will receive an invitation to apply for ACT nomination.


All points claimed must be backed up with evidence to support the points that you have claimed. The supporting documents must be able to show that you meet the ACT nomination eligibility and the points claimed at the date you submit your Canberra Matrix application. Failure to meet the points claimed or the eligibility criteria would result in a refusal.

The Canberra Matrix will automatically expire six months after the date of submission where an invitation was not received. Once a Matrix has lapsed, it cannot be reinstated.

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