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Changes to Working Holiday Visas - Condition 8547

On 19 Jan 2022, the 6-month work limitation was temporarily relaxed by the Australian government. Working Holiday Maker visa holders did not require permission to work for an employer from 1 July 2023 to 31 December 2023 regardless of any work done for the same employer before 1 July 2023. This temporary relaxation will end on 1 January 2024.

WHM visa, condition 8547


From 1 January 2024, working holiday makers who wish to work for the same employer for longer than 6 months, will need to request permission from the Department of Home Affairs to do so. It makes no difference if you are working part-time or full-time - you must not stay longer than 6 months with the same employer. The condition is applied quite strictly.

The purpose of a working holiday visa is to holiday in Australia. The work part of it means you can work here, but it’s not your primary goal. That’s why your employment is limited to six months. It’s also why extending that employment can be difficult.

Breach of Condition

It is the most breached visa condition for working holiday makers. If you breach this condition, it will be difficult for you to move onto business sponsorship visa even if you have an employer willing to sponsor you.

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